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Casa Hispaniola Fine Tobacconist  Cigar Shop of Englewood NJ.
Welcome to Casa Hispaniola fine tobacconist\r\nIf you have ever enjoyed a premium cigar, there’s a good chance you’ve enjoyed a cigar at Casa Hispaniola fine boutique products. Responsible for many of the world’s most renowned brands including Ashton, Davidoff, Arturo fuente, Griffing, Turei, Avo, La flor Dominicana, Padron , La aroma de Cuba, etc. among many others not including an ample selection of pipes like castello, sir Jacob, Peterson, etc.

\r\nCasa Hispaniola Fine Tobacconist Cigar Shop Of Englewood NJ.\r\n\r\nThe Melo and Matos families, a fourth generation of the industries oldest and most esteemed family of the world finest organic coffee and aged tobacco in the Dominican Republic.\r\n\r\nThe business has become a cigar and coffee dynasty; Dominican Republic largest coffee exporters as well as distributors and importers of the legendary brands of cigar. \r\n\r\nThe tobaccos grown by the The Melo and Matos families are among the most prized in the industry. A good cigar is like tasting a good wine: you smell it, you taste it, you look at it, you feel it – you can even hear it. It satisfies all the senses. The Havano vulelta arrival wrapper leaf is considered by aficionados to be one of the finest available and is found in such prestigious brands as in the Turei and Hispaniola Cigars.\r\n\r\nIn 2002, the ambitious entrepreneurial drive and knowledge of coffee and tobacco growing, Hugo F. Melo, a fourth generation went to work in the factory where he became immersed in all aspects of the business from the nurturing of the seedlings to the care and curing of the tobaccos to the blending and rolling of the cigars. One of this generation most respected young tobaccos and coffee master blender.\r\n\r\nHis hallmark is innovation, but with a healthy respect for tradition. His creativity is in evidence in several new cigars of his creation. He launched the Hispaniola Brand, and introduced it to a very selective market segment. The launched served as a springboard for other cigars within the distinctive Hispaniola portfolio.\r\n\r\nCasa Hispaniola opened its first flagship boutique in the US and took over the oldest humidor in business for over 50 year in Englewood New Jersey. It has grown into one of the leading cigar boutique our connoisseurs have come to enjoy the consistency and allows us to fulfill our mission to provide the highest boutique quality found in such brands as Ashton Cigars, Davidoff Cigars, Arturo fuente Cigars, Hispaniola Cigars, Griffing Cigars, Turei Cigars, Aging room Cigars, Nat Sherman Cigars, Avo Cigars, La flor Dominicana Cigars, Padron Cigars, God of fire Cigars, Camacho Cigars, Casa Magna Cigars, La aroma de Cuba Ciagars, Maximus Cigars, Julius Cesar Cigars, Illusione Cigars, Ortega Cigars, My father Cigars, Room 101 Cigars, La aurora Cigars, 7-20-4 Cigars, Joya de Nicaragua Cigars, Reinado Cigars, Don Benigno Cigars, El Cedro Cigars, Puros Rocha Cigars.