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Here’s a COMMENT composed by JR Cigar that addresses all points accurately and concisely. We recommend what they do, copy and paste the link into the comment field that you’ll find by clicking the FDA website link below:

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“As an adult consumer of premium cigars, I am opposed to the FDA’s attempt to regulate these products. In particular, I don’t believe premium cigar manufacturers should be required to go through a very long and very expensive approval process before any new premium cigar can be sold. I understand manufacturers will have to spend thousands of hours and millions of dollars to complete such an application – so most won’t do it. I also undersand that, for those who do, it could be a year or more before the application gets decided. This will mean I won’t have the selection of cigars I enjoy, and won’t have any limited edition or seasonal blend cigars. Finally, I don’t see how the FDA can say a “new” cigar is one that was first sold after February 2007. “New” should mean a cigar I haven’t tried yet, not one I’ve been enjoying for seven years.


The FDA should recognize that premium cigars are unique in the way they’re made and smoked, and leave them alone.”

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